Fused zirconia is produced from zircon sand, which is one of the minerals found in heavy mineral sand sedimentary deposits derived from the alteration of granitic or alkaline rocks. In order to produce fused zirconia, zircon sand is reduced and fused in an electric arc furnace under a temperature exceeding 2,600°C. Once the fused zirconia has cooled down, it is crushed and sized to fit required specifications.

Unique characteristics used for a wide range of applications

Fused zirconia is characterized by
• a very high melting point,
• chemical stability at high temperature,
• hardness,
• corrosion resistance and
• a high refractive index.

Due to their unique properties, Zirconia and zirconium chemicals are used in a wide variety of applications such as refractories, advanced ceramics, electronics, nuclear fuel rods, paper, brake pads, investment casting, and catalysts and catalytic converters, and intermediaries for octoates in paint dryers and cross linkers in the paper industry, and many more.