A wide range of applications

Magnesia powders produced by Imerys Fused Minerals exhibit specific electrical and thermal properties which make them suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from the most basic water heating to the most demanding industrial applications.

Superior Quality starts with the selection of raw materials

The production of high quality specialized magnesia powders can only be achieved through a combination of the selection of carefully optimized raw materials, linked to a sophisticated and tightly controlled manufacturing operation. We scour the world to select the most suitable raw materials for the production of our electromag range of electrical grade magnesium oxide powders. We continually evaluate potential materials in terms of quality, availability, reliability and cost. We greatly value our relationships with our raw material suppliers and work in close collaboration with them. This approach enables Imerys Fused Minerals to ensure that the natural characteristics of the raw material are modified in a way that will ensure optimum performance in the end application.