Imerys Technology Center Austria GmbH

New mineral solutions

The know-how and Research & Development capabilities within the Imerys Technology Center allow for the development of new mineral solutions and innovations such as sintered rods, a new shaped abrasive with increased grinding performance. The Imerys Technology Center, based in Austria, is shared with the Fused Minerals activity and provides its refractory, investment casting and other customers with innovative solutions.

Research & Development to survive in today's global market

Research and Development have always been cornerstones of our company. In order to survive in today's global markets, we are determined to continuously optimize existing products and to venture into developing new ones. Our many patents are proof of our determination and are an important factor for future success, not only of Imerys Fused Minerals but also of our customers. Our research team comprises a blend of experienced practical experts and young researchers. Together they endeavour to realize their ideas within the available scope based on the requirements of the market.