• Abrasives

    substances used for wearing or polishing.

  • Fused alumina, brown

    fused in electric arc furnaces. Main raw material is a special (abrasive) grade of bauxite. During the fusion other oxides included in the bauxite (Fe, Ti, Si) are reduced to the desired level. Production can be described as fusing and refining process of bauxite.

  • Fused alumina, special

    by alloying with other elements (e.g. TiO2 and/or Cr2O3) during the fusion of alumina special fused aluminum oxides like the Pink or Ruby type are produced.

  • Fused alumina, white

    fused in electric arc furnaces. During fusion of abrasive grade alumina the physics of aluminum oxide are changed (higher density and different crystal structure and size).

  • Mullite

    the main component of acid refractories = highly refractory alumino-silicate, not found in nature except in traces, but obtained from firing various raw materials: clays, andalusite, kyanite, etc.

  • Refractories

    materials that resist high temperatures. Depending on the application, they cab also bear heavy weights or resist.

  • Zircon

    Zircon is sold in different forms such as zircon sand or flour. Fused zircon is obtained by melting zircon sand in an electric arc furnace and takes the form of precisely calibrated grains and powders with sizes ranging from several millimeters down to less than a micron. Its unique properties mean it is used as a high value-added raw material in a wide range of applications, particularly on the refractories, friction and technical ceramics markets.