Imerys Fused Minerals produces a range of yttria stabilised zirconia powders for use in high temperature thermal barrier coatings. The material’s unique properties (high melting point, corrosion and wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, and similar thermal expansion coefficient to metal alloys) make our yttria stabilised zirconia especially suitable for the use in thermal barrier coatings in aero-engine and gas turbines.

Imerys Fused Minerals’ powders are manufactured by an advanced electro fusion alloying process followed by precision comminution and sizing, ensuring that the powders are homogeneous in chemical and phase composition. New sub-micron powders have been developed that are especially suitable for suspension plasma spraying.

Customer tailored solutions (including different chemistry, phases and particle size distributions) and detailed technical data and MSDS information on the Imerys Fused Minerals’ range of powders is available on request.