Imerys Fused Minerals produces a range of stabilised and monoclinic zirconia powders for use in the manufacture of structural and functional advanced ceramics.

The unique characteristics of our powders makes them suitable for a range of fabrication techniques including tape casting, injection-moulding, extrusion, screen-printing, electrostatic deposition, casting, uniaxial and isostatic pressing, for the manufacturing of oxygen sensors, SOFC, automotive components, cutting tools, filtration membranes, tools and dies, pump, valve components and assay crucibles

Our powders are produced in a range of chemistries from high purity monoclinic to powders partly or fully stabilised to varying degrees, with magnesia, yttria, calcia, ceria, and scandia. Other oxides can be employed on a collaborative basis. All products are available in powders and many in a spray-dried ready-to-press form.

Detailed technical data on the Imerys Fused Minerals’ range of products is available on request.