Investment Casting is probably the foundry technology requiring the tightest control of the physical and chemical properties of the mould. Castings are produced under “near net shape” conditions, which is why a very tight dimensional accuracy and perfect thermal stability of the ceramic mould are key to casting quality.

Imerys Fused Minerals is the leading provider of Fused Aluminum Oxide, Fused Mullite, Bubble Aluminum Oxide and Fused Zirconia-Mullite worldwide.

Excellent high thermal stability makes Fused Aluminum Oxide and Fused Mullite the ideal moulding materials for the casting of reactive alloys and steels at very high temperatures.

Imerys Fused Minerals works in close co-operation with the Imerys R&D center for Abrasives and Refractories (C.A.R.R.D.).

C.A.R.R.D. technical team draws on its knowledge of mineral structures and engineers them to deliver the properties required by foundry processes. Designing new mineral solutions for existing applications and developing new products are core activities. Located in Villach (Austria), CARRD utilizes the most advanced equipment for the characterization of the Thermal and Mechanical properties of mineral products, from room temperature up to 2000°C.

The technical expertise provided by C.A.R.R.D. allows Imerys Fused Minerals to offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Imerys Fused Minerals products are processed in production plants located in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Our wide experience ensures the highest product quality and guarantees consistency and security of supply.

The following electrofused aluminum oxide

basic product types are available:

White fused aluminum oxide


White fused mullite


Bubble aluminum oxide - hollow spheres


Bubble aluminum oxide - dense spheres



Fused aluminum oxides TREIBACHER ALODUR® WSK, SWSK, ZWSK, WRG, WRG IC, KKW, KKD are synthetic hard minerals based on alpha - aluminum oxide. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electro thermal fusion at temperatures around 2050°C.

TREIBACHER ALODUR® WSK, SWSK, ZWSK, WRG, WRG IC, KKW, KKD show a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, placing them close to diamond (Mohs 10), the hardest known substance.

Based on very high hardness, excellent thermal and chemical stability and a high degree of thermal shock resistance, fused aluminum oxide is mainly used for the production of refractory materials. It is used in Investment Casting as refractory stucco and filler for primary and back-up slurries, designed for use with high temperature alloys and steels.

All types are sized in standard splits and also in accordance with the current FEPA, ANSI, JIS or AFS standards.