Imerys Fused Minerals is the leading provider of Fused Aluminum Oxide, Fused Mullite and Fused Zirconia-Mullite worldwide.

Imerys Fused Minerals offers a wide range of granular fillers for the production of foundry coatings based on Fused Alumina, Fused Zirconia-Mullite and Fused Mullite. These minerals are characterized by high refractoriness and low thermal expansion and are well suited to prevent foundry defects.

The Particle Size Distribution of each grade is designed to provide an improved control of the rheology coatings. This makes the coatings produced with Imerys Fused Minerals fillers suitable for all the most common coating applications: spraying, dipping, brushing, etc.

Imerys Fused Minerals works in close co-operation with the Imerys R&D center for Abrasives and Refractories (C.A.R.R.D.).

C.A.R.R.D. technical team draws on its knowledge of mineral structures and engineers them to deliver the properties required by the foundry processes. Jointly designing of new mineral solutions for existing applications and developing new products are core activities. Located in the site of Villach (Austria), CARRD utilizes the most advanced equipment for the characterization of the Thermal and Mechanical properties of mineral products, from room temperature up to 2000°C.

The technical expertise provided by C.A.R.R.D. allows Imerys Fused Minerals to offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of any of our customers.

Imerys Fused Minerals products are processed in production plants located in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Our wide experience ensures product quality and guarantees security and consistency of the supplies.

Fused aluminum oxides TREIBACHER ALODUR® WRG, WRG IC, WDCF, SCT are synthetic hard minerals based on alpha - aluminum oxide. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electro thermal fusion at temperatures around 2000°C.

TREIBACHER ALODUR® WRG, WRG IC, WDCF, SCT show a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, placing them virtually in the same category as - and close to - diamond (Mohs 10), the hardest known substance.

Based on the very high hardness, the excellent thermal and chemical stability and a high degree of thermal shock resistance, fused aluminum oxide powders are mainly used as refractory filler for alcohol and water based coatings particularly recommended for the use on any kind of steel (Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Low alloyed steel and Manganese steel).

Imerys Fused Minerals is able to offer a wide range of fused aluminum oxide based products, fines and micro sized, for foundry coatings.

The following electrofused aluminum oxide

basic product types are available:

White fused aluminum oxide


White fused aluminum oxide


White fused mullite


Fused zirconia mullite



White fused mullite TREIBACHER ALODUR® WFM and Fused zirconia mullite TREIBACHER ALODUR® FZM are synthetic hard materials made of alpha - aluminum oxide and high purity silica resp. zircon sand. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electro thermal fusion at temperatures around 1900°C.

TREIBACHER ALODUR® WFM and FZM are top quality refractory materials, composed of massive crystals of mullite which are formed during the cooling after fusion.

Based on the high hardness, excellent low reversible thermal expansion, chemical stability and a high degree of thermal shock resistance, white fused mullite TREIBACHER ALODUR® WFM is mainly used for the production of refractory materials.

The non-wetting characteristics of Fused Zirconia Mullite TREIBACHER ALODUR® FZM allow contact with molten metal with minimal erosion. Its low and unusual reversible thermal expansion improves thermal shock resistance producing a crack stopping mechanism.

Both are used in foundry coatings as refractory fillers, designed for the use of high temperature alloys and steels.