Fused aluminum oxides are synthetic hard minerals based on α-aluminum oxide. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electrothermal fusion at temperatures around 2000°C.

Fused aluminum oxides show a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, placing them virtually in the same category as - and close to - diamond (Mohs 10), the hardest known substance.

Based on the very high hardness, the excellent thermal and chemical stability and a high degree of thermal shock resistance, fused aluminum oxide grits are mainly used as abrasive particles in grinding, machining, blasting, cutting operations and for the production of shaped or unshaped refractory materials.

Imerys Fused Minerals is able to offer a wide range of fused aluminum oxide base products, macro- and micro-sized, for all kinds of coated abrasives.

The following electrofused aluminum oxide

basic product types are available:

Regular brown fused aluminum oxide


Semi-friable fused aluminum oxide


White fused aluminum oxide


Pink fused aluminum oxide


Fused eutectic zirconia - aluminum oxide

ZK 40

Fused aluminum oxide - aluminumoxycarbide


Black silicon carbide



In addition to the well-established electrofused aluminum oxide types, Imerys Fused Minerals offers sintered α-aluminum oxide.

Sintered aluminum oxide is produced by ceramic technologies including the steps of fine milling, shaping and sintering. The following sintered aluminum oxide product type is available:

Submicrocrystalline sintered aluminum oxide


All types and grains are sized in accordance with the current FEPA*, ANSI** or JIS*** standards. Fused aluminum oxides are available in various grain shapes depending on their particular application. The grain shape is determined by measuring the bulk density (using the FEPA method).

Therefore Imerys Fused Minerals is in the position to provide the right abrasive grain type for all grinding applications.

* FEPA - Fédération Européenne des Fabricant de Produits Abrasifs
** ANSI - American National Standard Institute
*** JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard